Lab Remount

After the denture is processed do not remove it from the master cast. There is the need to correct for processing errors. Blow off all the debris from the base of the cast. Do not get it wet because the water will act as a separating medium. Remount both master casts (using the notches). Compound can be used to keep the cast in place.

Save the original mounting ring with the plaster on it that matches the notches on your master cast. You will need this maxillary index to preserve the facebow record.

Check to see if the denture bases are not hitting posteriorly. They should also not be hitting in excursions. If necessary grind the mandibular denture base.

Sometimes teeth will move in the investment. This will change your occlusion. There are also changes due to the addition of acrylic. Usually the vertical is slightly open.

Adjust the occlusion so that your set-up returns to the original vertical.

If the master casts are broken or cut down and you can't remount then you will have to make corrections at the clinical remount. You have also lost your facebow record.

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