Preserving the Facebow Record

Once you have destroyed your maxillary master cast then you have lost your facebow record. We will have need of the facebow record for the clinical remount.

If you have not preserved the facebow record during the wax-up stage, then do not remove the denture from the master cast. Mount the maxillary cast with its processed denture on the articulator. Remove your mandibular cast from the articulator. On a new mandibular mounting ring build a column of plaster, and with the pin set (on zero), close the articulator such that the cusps and incisal edges contact the plaster. After you polish the maxillary denture you will have an index that will enable you to remount in the original facebow position. 

18.Keep the incisal guide pin at the same level it was when setting the teeth.  Note: This is the wax-up, not the finished denture

Some students will build a column of stone on the mandibular arm of the articulator. (Use a cup with the bottom cut out.) Flatten the top of the column and make a few notches. This notched, flattened surface is lubricated and then covered with fast set plaster. Close the articulator allowing the maxillary teeth to imprint the plaster. After remounting the maxillary denture, the disc of plaster can be set aside and the stone column re-used.

18. Put fast set plaster on the lubricated stone to index the maxillary denture.

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1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.