When Equipment Breaks Down

If your light doesn't work, or the chair has a mind of its own, please report it. At the supply counter they have Dental Equipment Repair Request forms. It is easy to fill out. Be sure to include the cubicle number. Ask your instructor to sign it and give it to the people at the supply desk.

If there is a water leak get help right away. We don't need floods or injuries.

If there is a small fire in the operatory perhaps you can put it out with the water in your rubber bowl or use the water syringe. If there is a larger problem get your patient away and tell someone to get a fire extinguisher. Perhaps you should get it. Do you know where the extinguisher is? When you find the extinguisher please read the instructions on how to use it. Can you imagine reading the instructions during a fire?

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.