Disinfecting the Operatory (Tips)

The general procedures for disinfection will be given in other courses.

We used to use an iodine compound to disinfect the work areas. Follow up the iodine spray with a spray of bleach and you will reduce the staining without reducing efficacy.

The iodophor compound has been replaced with MaxiSpray. It is to be used as a surface disinfectant spray. The main active ingredient is o-phenylphenol. Wear all the usual items for personal protection when using this material.

You should be aware that the Pelton Crane light has a plastic shield which will yellow and become brittle and crack when sprayed with disinfectant over a period of time. These plastic fragments could fall right on the patient's face. Be alert.

Here is something you never knew: You have to keep the lid of your infectious waste container closed. This is especially important if children are in the operatory.

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