Third Clinic Appointment

Disinfect the operatory.

Master casts should have been trimmed to fit into the processing flasks. If you have any doubts about trimming the cast, speak to your instructor before you trim them. You should have made recording bases and occlusion rims.

Take the blood pressure.

Do the facebow to mount the maxillary cast.

Do vertical and centric records. Both steps should be checked by your instructor.

Make sure the casts do not contact posteriorly when they are mounted.

You need the midline and the tooth SHADE. Put the midline on the maxillary master cast. If you don't get the tooth shade you will need an extra visit.

Get your progress notes and white card signed by the instructor.

At least half of the payments should have been made. You can't get teeth without half payment.

Get help from your instructor in deciding the tooth size and cusp form for this case. Your instructor needs to see the mounted casts.

Clean up before you leave.

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1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.