Second Clinic Appointment (Synopsis)

Disinfect the operatory.

Take the blood pressure. Take any primary impressions that you didn't get the first visit. Get your compound heater going.

Your custom acrylic trays should have been made before you come to the clinic. Did you put relief (some wax) on your model (before you made the tray) where there are hyperplastic areas? Is your handle going to interfere with the lip?

Your tray has to be adjusted in the mouth to allow for border molding. Check the shortened tray with your instructor. Do not border mold until it is approved.

I like to take the maxillary impression first so I can do the facebow the next visit. You need the maxillary master cast to do the facebow.

Show the completed impressions to your instructor. Disinfect impressions.

You have to bead and box the impressions and pour them up the same day you take the impressions.

Make sure your instructor signs your progress notes and the individual steps on the white card.

Did you collect any fee this visit?

Clean up the operatory. That includes the pan from the compound heater. Did you shut off the compound heater?

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.