Destroying Everything (by talking)

If you tell the patient that the reason you have to do the procedure over is because this is your first time, then you can be assured that the reason the appliance will be unsatisfactory is because you are so inexperienced and didn't do it correctly.

"How do you use pressure paste?" You really didn't have to tell the patient this is your first time, he/she can figure it out for themselves.

"This denture is very loose. What can I do to improve retention?" Probably nothing if you said this in front of the patient.

"The bite is way off. Even the patient can tell it's only hitting on one side." You probably can correct the occlusion, but how do you correct the image in the patient's mind?

"How do I determine which size teeth to use?" Do you really want to discuss this in front of the patient?

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.