Clinical Complete Dentures


My daughter, Michele, and my son-in-law Bill did every aspect related to the computing for "" Primarily this project was a means for a father and daughter to work together as adults. Back then I didn't know about limitations to computing because everything I asked was created for me by Michele and Bill.
Although I could write the words, I needed my daughter to insert them into the web site. There were literally hundreds of communications necessary to create this site. It is now easy to understand how different spellings such as "esthetics" and "aesthetics" could occur. Although I now know how to make changes to the site I accept the two spellings to remind me that this project is the product of more than one person.
My daughter's journalistic background was useful. For example the site was originally organized into two areas: General Information and Specific Information. My daughter suggested the more exact title of "Clinical" for "Specific." I instantly agreed.
I need to thank Dr. Mark Claus who was president of the Senior Class when this site was first introduced. He went through the entire site and came up with problems that only a student would realize. An insurance company could take six weeks before approving payment for a denture. It was possible to complete this costly procedure and then discover that it was disapproved. Without payment, the patient would not get the denture, nor would the student get credit. Pointing out such potential problems made the site more student-useful.
The linking of this site (which is on the Internet) with the Temple Dental School Intranet was the work of my Chairman, Dr. Dan Boston. This mark of approval is a recurrent source of happiness.
Dental texts are constantly being rewritten. It is much easier, quicker, cheaper to make changes to a web site than a hand held textbook. The advantages of making changes are unfortunately counterbalanced by hackers who can destroy. The scales are clearly weighted toward progress. I am delighted to be part of this new educational technology.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.