Losing your Handpiece, Etc.

Let us say that you are going down to the cashier with the patient. It is a splendid idea to shut off all the flames, lights, and the compound heater. It is especially important to lock up your handpiece. You probably will not burn down the school because there are so many people about. However, you may lose your handpiece.

Now if this were your private office and you went out for lunch without shutting the open flames you might end with a burnt handpiece (and office). In either case you lost your handpiece.

Keep in mind that young, innocent looking person with a backpack is looking to fill it up with your good stuff.

If you lose a briefcase with patient records you are required to pay for the replacement of those records. One patient record can cost you $60.00. A handpiece costs $700.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.