The Centrals

When in protrusive, you would like three points of tooth contact (one anteriorly and two posteriorly) to keep the denture stable. Ideally the centrals should be in a tip to tip relationship in protrusive. Set the centrals in this tip to tip relationship while putting the articulator in protrusive. Move the articulator forward and back to see if the centrals just kiss. (When back in centric the centrals will be in their ideal position.) This technique will only work if the patient is a class 1.

In that way you will know that the centrals will not cause a tripping action and dislodge the maxillary denture. (If tripping does occur, the maxillary centrals tilt forward and upward, and the posterior part of the denture moves downward breaking the seal.)

(After the denture is processed, you can remove a tight maxillary denture by tilting the incisal edges (maxillary centrals) forward while trying to break the seal in the posterior.
You can also remove a tight impression by rotating the handle forward with a vibrating motion and with another finger pulling down the border in the molar area.)

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