The Big Picture

The only place you are going to set the teeth on the ridge is the lower posterior. Everywhere else the teeth are off the ridge.

The maxillary ridge resorbed upward and backward. In other words the ridge height was reduced and the buccal surfaced resorbed. In order to get the proper esthetics you will have to set the upper anterior teeth down and out. They should support the upper lip in a manner that does not indicate "denture inside."

With the lower anteriors you are also going to set them somewhat anterior to the ridge. Here too you are going to support the lip.

You actually can set the anteriors close to the ridge if esthetics demand it. Sometimes it is necessary to make a window from canine to canine in the anterior portion of the recording base. You set the teeth a fraction of a millimeter from the stone separated from the stone by a layer of aluminum foil.

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