Some Errors in Mounting

In a professional lab the models are mounted by a sophisticated technician. Any errors at this point will only be incorporated in the prosthesis. Watch out for the following:

1. The mounting ring is a little loose.

2. There is some wax or plaster under the mounting ring.

3. The incisal guide pin is not set.

4. The condyles are not locked in centric.

5. The models are hitting prematurely, (posteriorly) thus changing the record. The acrylic bases touch posteriorly.

6. The plaster set too quickly preventing the closing of the articulator.

7. The record is unstable so the models can change their relationship to one another.

8. The base of the cast is not notched.

9. The cast and notches are not lubricated.

10. The model is not trimmed so the notches you made will be cut off in the lab in order for the model to fit the flask.

11. The base of the model hits the mounting ring before the articulator is closed.

12. The models are not completely seated in the recording bases. Some wax in the wrong place will do this.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.