Getting ready for Centric Relation

Your wax rims are now only hitting in the anterior. There is a space between the occlusion rims distal to the canines to allow for a recording medium.

Have the patient close in a relaxed position and mark the midline on the wax, marking both occlusion rims. Make another line in each canine region in the same manner. Then mark the maxillary rim where the overjet begins. Have the patient close a few times and see if the four lines coincide. Chances are this is the centric relation position.

Take both recording bases out and line up the wax grooves in your hand to make sure nothing is hitting in the rear.

Make a few notches about an inch apart distal to the canine area on the maxillary rim. The recording material must be long mesio-distally if the record is going to be stable.

1981 Board Exam

Centric relation is a
1. tooth-to-tooth relationship.
2. mandible-to-condyle relationship.
3. mandible-to-skull relationship.
4. maxilla-to-skull relationship.
5. None of the above

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1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.