Mistakes with the Compound Heater

You have to use a compound heater when you border mold. The first mistake is not to use it.

1. Students have put water into the heater without using a pan. The water flows on to the table and the student thinks the heater is broken.

2. The heating element is underneath the pan but the pan is not seated completely.

3. The heater is put on 160 degrees F to heat up the water quickly. When the temperature dial is turned down to 140 degrees the water is still too hot and burns the patient.

4. The compound heater is turned on, but the temperature dial is still on zero.

5. The heater is turned on but it is not plugged in.

6. Everything is done properly (red light is on) but because the heater is broken, the water remains cold.

7. Don't share your heater with another student. (I know you did it in preclinic.) When you share a pan, you share bacteria. Don't take a pan that has been left over by another student.

After finishing, empty the pan and return for debridement and sterilization.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.