Fifth Clinic Appointment

Disinfect the operatory.

At this visit the dentures are completely paid for. Check to see if insurance is still in force.

You should have done the lab remount.

You should have preserved the face-bow record with a face-bow index.

After polishing the dentures you should have made two mounting models. (One for the maxillary and one for the mandibular.)

You should have mounted the polished maxillary denture before you came to clinic.

Make sure there are no sharp projections in the denture.

Take the blood pressure.

Check for localized pressure spots (with pressure paste) on each denture individually.

Insert both dentures and check the vertical and centric. Have the instructor check the vertical and centric.

If the instructor tells you, take another centric record (this is the clinical remount) and remount the mandibular. Make adjustments on the articulator.

Make sure the patient can remove and insert the dentures. Give instructions to the patient as to how to maintain the denture and when they should wear it. See the patient the next day.

The entire fee should have been paid if this is a cash patient. Bill the insurance company if there is insurance.

Have the progress notes and white card signed by the instructor.

Look back to see if you left anything.

Sixth Clinic Appointment

Disinfect the operatory. Take the blood pressure. Do adjustments as necessary. (We'll talk more about adjustments in sections #19, #20 and #21.)

Clean up before you leave.

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