Tissue Conditioning

As was mentioned previously you can add a soft acrylic liner to an old denture to allow the underlying tissue to heal. Start this process early because you shouldn't take the secondary impression until the tissue is normal.

The soft liner picks up stains and odors and eventually gets hard. Replacing the liner every week prevents such problems. Continue this process of relining the old denture until the new denture is completed.

Before adding new tissue conditioner, place a very thin layer of separating material on the tissue side of the old denture. (Use about 6-8 drops and spread it over the tissue side with a paper towel.) When the old soft liner has to be replaced it can be peeled off, instead of laboriously grinding it off.

When adding any liner to a denture it is important not to change the vertical or the centric relation.

When you finally insert the new denture caution the patient to avoid the noxious habits that resulted in the abuse of the underlying tissue. Otherwise you will end up with the same condition that you were trying to correct.

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