Winning Over the Patient

Be on time and ready to work. Greet the patient with a smile. Make sure the patient is wearing a bib. Don't leave the light in their eyes. Don't leave the chair all the way up when you leave the operatory. The old patient may not be able to get off the chair.

Your patient is a frail old lady wearing a Summer dress and is chilled by the air conditioning. Give her one of the paper blue gowns with a plastic lining so she can feel comfortable during treatment. Tell her to bring a sweater next time even if it is very warm outside.

Give your patient a paper towel if you want them to put away their old dentures. Help them put on or take off their coat if you feel they need help. Hang up their coat. You're allowed to make small talk while you are waiting for something to set. You get the picture.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.