Dealing with Stress

As you already know from the first two years there is a lot of stress in Dental School. Preparation increases confidence and reduces anxiety. With time and practice the procedures will become more routine.

What follows is information you all know but may not have made a conscious effort to use. That is why I'll be brief.

a. Work out

Aerobics, kicho il-boo (martial arts routine), walking, weight lifting, tai chi ch'uan (Chinese shadow boxing) all reduce stress.

b. Be friendly

Take time to talk and have lunch with your friends.

c. Smoking

Do I have to say anything about smoking?

d. Relax

Meditation, daydreaming, progressive muscle relaxation will put your whole body at ease.

e. Eat and sleep

More fiber, less saturated fat, more fruit and vegetables, less red meat. A nap is better than television.

f. Keep a Diary

Keep a diary of exactly how you feel before and after exams. After you see the pattern of your feelings you will know that you do well on the exams and there is only the need to study not to worry. After you learn to control your emotions you can destroy the diary. No one but you should see you at your worst.

g. Get help

You can get help at no charge from the Counseling Center on the main campus at Sullivan Hall near Broad and Berks. The director is Dr. Jim Peightel. Call 204-3113 for an appointment.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.