PreProsthetic Surgery

If the tuberosity seems enlarged, have the patient close and look in the tuberosity area. When the patient is in occlusion there should be a space equivalent to two denture bases in the tuberosity/retromolar pad area. Your mouth mirror should slide between the ridges effortlessly. If there is no room now there will not be enough room for denture bases. You will have to shorten the mandibular denture to allow room for the maxillary denture base.

If the patient does not have teeth then have the patient gently close on your pointer finger. Check the tuberosity area as previously suggested.

Bilateral undercuts in the tuberosity area (or anywhere) should also alert you for possible surgery. When there are multiple undercuts, posterior undercuts are the first to be removed because they can't be easily negotiated.

There is usually a maxillary anterior undercut. This anterior undercut can be avoided by using an anterior-posterior path of insertion of the denture.

Tori can also be a problem if they are very large or undercut.


1981 Board Exam

Which of the following problems are frequently caused when new dentures are constructed before a low maxillary tuberosity is corrected?
(a) Shallow condylar guidance
(b) An underextended mandibular denture
(c) Limited space to position posterior teeth

1. (a) and (b)
2. (a) and (c)
3. (b) and (c)
4. All of the above

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