Patient Insurance

If the patient has insurance, before you start work go (perhaps bring the patient) to the business office to see if the insurance is still in force. Just because a patient has an insurance card doesn't mean they have insurance. Also check to see if the insurance covers the type of work you intend to do.

If the work has to be pre-approved you should wait (or work slowly) until you have that approval. Approval takes three to six weeks. When the work is completed you have to do the necessary billing in a timely manner.

If for some reason there is a long interruption in treatment, check the insurance again. Insurance plans also go out of business. The school will keep you informed, so read your mail. Medicaid eligibility status should be checked at each visit.

If you have a problem collecting, speak to your instructor. If you don't collect anything by the second visit alert your instructor. Remember if you don't get paid for a case you delivered you will not get credit. You are literally working for nothing.

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