Competency Exam

Right now there is no practical examination in the NERB (North East Regional Board) for removable prosthodontics. The Boards are given in the senior year. There are other states where removable is part of the Board exam.

At Temple Dental there is a competency exam in removable prosthodontics. You need to pass it in order to graduate.

Acceptable procedures are:

a. Single complete denture opposing natural dentition

b. Complete denture opposing a partial

c. Maxillary and mandibular complete denture

The evaluation for the complete denture will consist of:

a. Oral Examination

b. Final Impression

c. Try-in of the prosthesis

d. Delivery of the prosthesis and Clinic Remount

(For partial dentures different procedures will be checked off.)

You will need to have done eight units before you can take the exam. You will also need to finish in six weeks, so get a reliable patient.

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