Polishing the Palate

When polishing the palate, the lingual of the maxillary anteriors are frequently polished smooth. (It is a good idea to protect the acrylic teeth with tape.) To avoid the teeth, use a arrow-shaped felt cone with pumice.

If your palate is wavy use a stone or rubber wheel the size of a quarter. Gently brush it (constantly moving) only hitting the high spots. When the depressions are reached you can use a small rag wheel with wet pumice in a handpiece. Finally, use another clean rag wheel with Acrilustre. Near the anterior teeth use the felt cone.

All the rag wheels should be marked so they will only be used with one type of polishing agent.

Rag wheels need to be autoclaved between patients. Don't share your rag wheels with other students.

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©1999 by Julius Rosen, D.D.S.