I do the wax-up keeping in mind the eventual polishing of the denture. I put a gingival roll or shelf around the buccal of all the teeth and on the lingual of the posteriors. This thickness of wax (eventually acrylic) makes it easier to polish the denture base without hitting the teeth. The teeth should never be polished.

The papilla are made convex filling the embrasure. This prevents debri from getting between the teeth also make it easier to polish. (It also makes it easier for the patient to keep it clean.) The wax papilla should not reach to the occlusal or incisal edge. It should only fill the embrasure.

18. Anterior Root Forms
Notice the gentle nature of the anterior root forms. The papilla are also convex and filling the embrasure. The teeth are fully exposed.

I make a hint of root indications anteriorly. Root forms are always a pain to polish. I do not make posterior root forms. The maxillary posterior buccal area is made slightly convex. Look at your own mouth and check the convex gingival contour. Convex is easier to polish and clean.

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